Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweet PROM invites

Saturday I helped Connor and his best friend come up with a creative way to ask some very cute girls to prom.  My kitchen was destroyed, but I had so much fun helping them!

To make them we whipped up our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe--then chilled it for an hour or so.  We preheated the oven to 325 and pressed the dough onto a big pizza stone.  Be sure to leave about an inch or more around the edge--the cookie grows as it bakes!!  Also keep it pretty thin!  We baked it for about 15-20 minutes and then let it cool completely.  We added some more M&Ms to compensate for the letters spreading, "gluing" them on with melted chocolate chips.  We added the girls names with melted chocolate chips in a piping bottle and put it in the freezer to chill.
The boys then cut cardboard and covered it in tinfoil for the presentation. 
They delivered them wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon in their school colors.

The tag attached said:

It would be "sweet" to go with you!

They came up with a good plan, huh?!
This was a first for us and it was so fun!!  I am going to enjoy this stage we are entering with my teenage boys!  Now I can not wait to see them all dressed up with their beautiful dates for prom!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Under Construction

 After years of talking about it we finally took the "plunge" and started a pool in a our backyard! Now this boys rarely ever take their eyes off the backyard.  They are glued to all the backhoes every move:)

 Everyday, they come running home from school to see what progress has been made and pepper the poor contractor will questions!  Luckily, he is a very patient man!
I am excited too--but this mud being tracked through my house is killing me!

Summer can't come soon enough!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where to Begin.....

Spring has sprung in the house, at least!

I am not even sure how to catch up...but I want to try!  I have missed you! Blogging is such a fun little outlet for me but sometimes life gets so very busy that it seems to get pushed to the back burner!  I am going to recommit though!

Winter was busy this year.  I had boys playing on basketball teams where practices and games were seriously 30 minutes away! UGH---but even though I had my doubts in the beginning,  it ended up being worth it!   It was so fun to watch them play!  Both TJ and Coleman's teams were really good! 

TJ going in for a sweet lay up:)


That's Coleman on the right end--with his crazy basketball shoes he paid for himself with money he as earned all winter--shoveling walks, walking dogs and doing other odd jobs in the neighborhood. (That boys is a little entrepreneur)
I had 2 very handsome little dates for the Mother and Son Luau Dance at the elementary school recently!  What a treat!  We enjoyed yummy food and danced the night away:)

I sure adore these crazy boys of mine.  They fill my life up to the brim in every way, but I love it with my all my heart.  I remind myself that it won't always be so crazy --one day they will be grown up and gone and I will miss these exhausting days!
Here is some of the things I will post on soon:
*Still need to share the way we organize and keep family pictures
*My get in shape plan for my BIG 4O!!!!!
*I was asked to teach a class at a Women's Conference at our church about "What We Learn from Noble and Extraordinary Women from the Past and our Day"  I mostly used women from the scriptures--Old Testament.   I learned so much!  I want to share some with you:)
*Some favorite lists and Menus
*What I have learned during my first year of trying my hand at Gluten Free Baking
*A couple of little bedroom makeovers
And I want to thank you my sweet blogging friends for the emails checking in....that means a lot to be missed! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Days

Our yearly heart attack took place of course
One of my favorite family traditions.
More on that here.

Another beautiful snow storm hit the South with 8 inches of snow.
The boys LOVED it while it lasted.
It pretty much melted within a day...

 but it got us almost a week of snow days!  Even Brad worked from home one day!


All these days off school gave us lots of time to enjoy Olympics and bake cookies!

and bake cookies again!!  These ones are gluten free and fantastic!!
Recipe here

It was fun, but now we are out of snow days, so hopefully all that white stuff will stay North:)
How is your winter days going?

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